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Building Capacity by Linking University Faculty with Exemplary Educators

Mentor Demonstration Sites for Intensive Interventions are learning partnerships where we build capacity by linking UCF-based, federally-funded, personnel preparation projects with exemplary schools.

Graduate-level Scholars receiving specialized preparation in intensive interventions for students with high-intensity needs can demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to: 

  • High-Quality MTSS programming
  • Specialized Instruction and Intervention
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Inclusive Practices
  • Data-Based Decision Making

The purpose of MDS is to highlight, celebrate, and share the implementation of the selected resources and evidence-based practices of these outstanding educators within their classrooms and schools in Central Florida.

Personnel Preparation Projects Include:

Project Bridges 2.0            Project SPEECH            Project CENTRAL



  • Schools selected as MDS sites are able to highlight their successes and challenges in enhancing and implementing a responsive MTSS framework; 
  • Neighboring schools and districts are provided with specific evidence, resources, and methods for creating similar initiatives within their schools; and, 
  • Teachers are provided with access to scholars with specialized knowledge and skills who can provide consultation as teacher leaders to enact systems changes that directly improve student outcomes. 
  • Provide a model of evidence-based practices at the classroom and school-level for educators and schools across the district and nation of MTSS and data-based individualization
  • Builds educator capacity for interprofessional collaboration to support students with high-intensity needs
  • Extends professional learning communities
  • Connects theoretical knowledge with practical application
  • Increases educator self-efficacy
  • Transforms theory into practice
  • Promotes a reciprocal relationship where best practices are shared, and members learn from one-another in authentic settings.